A translation of Villy Sørensen's short story Længdespringeren illustrated by HP. The text is: Today no one remembers that I had the world record in long jump for years, and far be it from me to remind anyone. It does not impress today's youth that I first jumped four meters (you did not count the centimetres), even if I added that it was in armour and with a lance. I would only be laughed out.   No one realises that if we had not jumped so far in the past, it would be impossible to jump even longer in the present. People do not become stronger with time, but become differently dressed and more jealous, and what one performs, another immediately must surpass.   If you want to reward the world's greatest long jumper, you should by no means choose the one that has jumped the longest, but the one who has had the record for the longest time, for he has been farthest ahead of his time. Nowadays no record becomes a day old and I had the record for four hundred years.


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