Pages from the Travel Journal

NY_Journey15 am in the morning in Copenhagen Airport Kastrup and I felt like I’m the only living soul there.
Great surprise, had been upgraded to “Economy Comfort” on the trip to Iceland, which meant huge seats and extra … well comfort obviously.
Planned my trip to New York on the way, but kept longing for my dear old Laptop, that I left safely at home. A clear sign that I might be a bit too attached to it ;)

Waiting in Reykjavik Keflavik for my connecting flight, guess the Icelandic version of being on time is a 40 minutes delay ;) But no sweat, then I just had plenty of time to look at the preparations of the plane. My oh my, how many small white boxes can a plane eat. The answer is the amount that moves up a conveyor belt in a steady flow for half an hour, Amazing. And I kept thinking: ” I wonder if there’s mini burgers in some of those”, for that dish had been sold out on the previous flight.

Double up on the luck! Upgraded again on the flight to the US. Had a real luxury-moment on the trip: eating mini burgers (yes, they had been in one of those packages), drinking cold Icelandic beer and  watching “The Hobbit” in my gigantic armchair. Not bad at all.
Then a cozy nap and a bit of work on creating new regular expression crosswords for the regex crossword homepage.



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